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Open laboratory

In order to give back to the society, provide more effective support to customers, promote China's high-tech industry and contribute to the development of social science and technology in the whole society, an open laboratory for testing products was established in Shenzhen in July 2013. It provides a multi domain professional testing environment for customers, covering the life cycle of the whole product / project, and providing the corresponding test solutions and professional technical consultation services from the beginning of the product design, research and development to the various stages of mass production / implementation.


Four major functions to help enterprises succeed

· Here, we try to create a real test environment for you, including testing instruments, accessories, and auxiliary facilities, and before further investment, you can verify the test plan here to enhance your confidence;
· Here, our test technologist will provide you with professional advice and support when you need it, and help you find the best solution.;
· Here, we can make free R & D verification for the products you develop, ensure the reliability of product design, and effectively avoid technical risks.;
· Here, we have a wealth of industry data library, you can learn the main technical knowledge of the industry, understand the most advanced technology trends.
In conclusion, we will work with you to build a new practice center to help you find problems and solve problems.


Open time: Monday to Friday 9:00~18:00
Application: Please specify your company name, contact information, application reason and usage time, and send it to [email protected]

1. the use of the laboratory can be booked in advance. Customers can apply 1 days in advance according to their own test requirements.
2. Within 2 working days of effective customer application, the lab staff will get in touch with customers in time, and confirm customer information and usage needs.
3. Laboratory examination and approval of customer needs, according to the use of the laboratory and the existing conditions, in accordance with the principle of first application and first use, arrange the time for the customer to use the open laboratory, and send a confirmation letter to the customer.
4. The laboratory is responsible for providing normal operational instruments and simple operation instructions during use.

Enterprise user application

Start timeCompany
End timeCompany
Chip modelCompany
Chip specificationCompany
* 2.4G(WIFI)
Instrument situationCompany
* There are instruments (factory has research and development not)
  instruments (not enough)
  instruments (instrument specifications do not support current test products)
  and no instruments
Purpose of useCompany
* Production test software failed to run
  no instrument comparison and verification
  automatic contrast verification
  test product performance
  debug product
  product software use
  API learning
  understand the use of other products
Opinions and suggestionsCompany
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